Key Dates - July 2013

Due Date Particulars Act Form/Challan
7/5/2013 Payment of Service Tax for the month/quarter ended June Service Tax Challan No.GAR-7
7/6/2013 Payment of Service Tax for month/quarter ending June for assesses making E-PAYMENT Service Tax Challan No.GAR-7
7/7/2013 Submission of Forms received in June to IT Commissioner Income Tax Form No.15G, 15H,27C
7/7/2013 Payment of TDS/TCS deducted/collected in June Income Tax Challan No.ITNS-281
7/10/2013 Return for Non SSI assessees for June Excise ER-1
7/10/2013 Return for EOUs for June Excise ER-2
7/10/2013 Return by units paying duty > 1 crore (CENVAT + PLA) for June Excise ER-6
7/15/2013 Deposit of DVAT TDS for June D-VAT DVAT-20
7/15/2013 TDS returns for Jun Quarter for non-govt deductors & TCS Returns for ALL Deductors Income Tax Return 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ
7/15/2013 E-Payment of PF for June ( Cheque to be cleared by 20th) Providend Fund Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR)
7/20/2013 Submission of return by SSI units for June quarter Service Tax ER-3
7/21/2013 Deposit of VAT & CST for the month/quarter ended June D-VAT DVAT-20 & Central
7/21/2013 Submission of MVAT return for month/quarter ended June. (10 days extra for e-returns) M-VAT Form 231-235 & CST 1
7/21/2013 Payment of ESI of June ESI ESI Challan
7/22/2013 Issue of DVAT Certificate for deduction made in June D-VAT DVAT - 43
7/25/2013 E- Return of VAT for month/quarter ended June D-VAT Form 16 and CST 1
7/28/2013 Physical Return of VAT & CST for the month/quarter ended June D-VAT 16 & 1 & Ack
7/28/2013 Return of TDS for June quarter in DVAT-48 D-VAT DVAT-48
7/30/2013 Issue of QuarterlyTDS/TCS certificate for June quarter. Income Tax Form 16A/ 27D
7/31/2013 Filing of I.T. Returns by Individuals , HUF (without Audit) Income Tax Form No. ITR-1,2,3,4
7/31/2013 Filing of I.T. return by Firms,AOPs, BOIs (without audit) Income Tax Form No ITR.-5
7/31/2013 Filing of I.T. Return by Trusts, Political party etc. Income Tax Form No ITR.-7
7/31/2013 TDS returns for June Quarter for Govt. deductors Income Tax Return 24Q, 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ
7/31/2013 Filing of wealth tax returns (without audit) Wealth Tax Form BA
7/31/2013 Details of Unclaimed Amounts under Sec 205C(2) of Cos Act Company eForm 5INV & excel file


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